Welcome to Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre!  

Back in 1804, a devastating fire leveled a schoolhouse in Detroit.  A priest stated at the time what was to become  Detroit’s Motto: “We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes! 

Inherent in  DLCT’s mission is how the theatre desires to support a Detroit community’s uprising from the City’s ashes of recession and other woes.  We want to accomplish this through the unification of efforts and a kindred spirit in order to stage live productions born of local talent. Our motto: Shining in, on, and for Detroit encompasses our hope for the part we want to play in Detroit’s resurgence.

Located in Detroit, we offer opportunities for community members to lend their creative talents to our city by participating in our productions.  Our seasons will include something for everyone from youths to seniors, comedies to musicals to dramas.

Community theatres are guided mostly by volunteers who have a love of the theatre and/or who want to contribute their organizational, managerial, or otherwise creative talents to help produce live shows.  Do you direct?  Sing?  Act?  Manage? Fundraise?  Design sets?  Are you skilled with costuming, or hair and makeup?  Are you a theatrical techie and prefer to run lights or sound?  Perhaps you are a people person and would rather take tickets and usher.  If you are handy with tools or have an eye for set construction, we need you for building sets.  Whether you have a little or a lot of time, we have a place for you to volunteer for on-stage and behind-the-scenes assignments.  Click Get Involved for more information.

About Us

Detroit Lighthouse Community Theatre is a member of both the Community Theatre Association of Michigan as well as the American Association of Community TheatreDLCT has access to the experienced advice of leaders of the member theatres in each Association.

DLCT’s president and executive director is a certified workforce development professional through a national organization, has a Masters in Business Administration, and is a published author.  She is advised locally by people skilled in theatre arts, making the combination of her business acumen and their knowledge of stage productions a perfect blend for developing a theatre that is well-run and an artistic success.

We incorporated in 2014 as a Michigan 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


DLCT’s vision is to provide Detroiters and surrounding communities with opportunities to be involved in an array of experiences in live theatre, from production planning to the mounting of and acting in a variety of production types in order to fulfill its mission.

Mission:  To Shine in, on, and for Detroit!

DLCT will:

  1. Help combat community deterioration and build employable practical and life skills using the unifying, team-spirited activities that are inherent in theatrical productions and by cultivating local talent; and
  2. Provide opportunities for economic benefits to local businesses surrounding its venue.

Our Goal

DLCT will be part of the revitalization and transformation of Detroit by contributing to its vitality and growth.  Our organization’s values include fiscal integrity and accountability, respecting each others’ talents and creativity, teamwork, and commitment. Join us in making a positive impact for Detroit.  Become a volunteer and/or donate today!

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